7 reasons to attend the festival „Rigas Ritmi 2013”!

Inserted: 16.05.2013

7 reasons to attend the festival „Rigas Ritmi 2013”!

As every year - the first week of July from 3rd to 6th is a week of „Rigas Ritmi Festival”.


When making choice which concerts to attend, at least few reasons are necessary. That is why we give You at least seven to attend the festival „Rigas Ritmi 2013”!

1. Guitar prodigy ANDREAS VARADY has started to play music at the age of 4 and had his debut album released being only 13 years old. In 2013 he signed the contract with world known Quincy Jones music management company. Now Andreas Varady is among those music grands - Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and many more - who have had the contracts with Quincy Jones!

2. GRAMMY 2013 winner ROBERT GLASPER in the nomination „Best R&B album” for the album „Black Radio”! This is a great chance to see and hear the most actual R&B musician performing in the concert and also – to attend a workshop led by him!

3. Jazz legend DIANE SCHUUR! Being blind from the birth, she has studied the piano play only by hearing. Beside that, musician has an abundant three-and-a-half octave voice, which has brought to her many GRAMMY Awards and nominations !

4. The concert of MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD is must see for everyone who has at once made experiments in music. The extraordinary solutions of sound have rendered them to be one of the most significant jazz, avant-garde and experimental pioneers in the music world!


5. The WORKSHOPS of festival „Rigas Ritmi 2013”! This summer everyone will have a unique opportunity to look inside the process of making the music and also ask the questions which can improve the development of artistic skills. All together there will be 5 workshops by Ori Dakari, Robert Glasper, John Medeski, Andreas Varady and Butterscotch.


6. During the festival “Rigas Ritmi 2013” the MISSISIPI JAZZ CRUISE is renewed! Festival offers a wonderful night cruises along the river Daugava together with listening to the wonderful music by Andreas Varady and young jazz artists from all over the World.


7. New queen of beatbox - BUTTERSCOTCH! She has won important beatbox contests - International World Female Beatbox in 2005 (Leipzig, Germany) and category for both genders at West Coast Beatbox in 2007 (Berkeley, USA). International recognition as a vocalist Butterscotch gained from her appearance on NBC's America's Got Talent.




Tickets available in „Biļešu Serviss” ticket offices and on the Internet: www.bilesuserviss.lv


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