A fabulous evening in sunny Brazilian rhythms

Inserted: 04.12.2017

A fabulous evening in sunny Brazilian rhythms

The bossa nova star Paula Morelenbaum vocal’s gentle and sensual colors interacted with playful and energetic, creating a sense of freedom and lightness, which was even more marked by the wonderful piano improvisations of Ralf Schmid. Brazilian musician Márcio Tubino with his percussions made up an authentic rhythmic base, which captured the listeners for dancing movements, but his saxophone and flute intensified the romantic mood of compositions.


The audience's special enthusiasm and the ovation were inspired by the songs of bossa nova famous poets Vinicius de Moraes and Antonio Carlos Jobim. At the end of the concert, after the hot drum and piano solo, the audience all together sang the popular melody of Mas Que Nada.


From audience impressions:


“I’m for the first time at Latvian Radio 1 studio and I’m excited. Unforgettable emotions. I felt excited by the first accords.”


“This is one of the best concerts in my life.”


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