Already this Saturday - vocal magicians Naturally 7!

Inserted: 23.04.2013

Already this Saturday - vocal magicians Naturally 7!

On April 27, at 19:00, Riga Congress Center – for the first time in Latvia -NATURALLY 7 from USA!


Naturally 7 represent the point where close-harmony singing, beat boxing and spookily accurate instrumental imitation meet. They call it vocal play.

Band performs both popular covers and original compositions. The listeners might think that Naturally 7 only prefers gospel and R&B music, but it is not true – they also perform songs by “The Beatles” and “Simon and Garfunkel”.

Naturally 7 admit that a cappella is singing without instruments, but vocal play is something different. It is singing as instruments, BECOMING an instrument. Each member has become one – drums, guitars, flutes…

Band has recorded many albums and the last one is significant with containing the song which has become a YouTube hit. The famous performance of Feel It (In the Air Tonight)” in the Paris metro has become a hit in many Europe countries.

One of the most important influences for Naturally 7 come from famous Grammy award laureate, a cappella band Take 6. This band has been performing at the festival “Rigas Ritmi” for already two times.

Naturally 7 without doubt are unique – the audience of the concert in Riga will enjoy this wonderful game with voices themselves.

The listeners would not think that on the stage there are only seven men without music instruments.


Because Naturally 7 will turn into music instruments!


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