Beatbox workshop with Butterscotch.

Inserted: 26.06.2013

Beatbox workshop with Butterscotch.

Festival „Rigas Ritmi 2013” offers unique workshops, which will take place in Latvian Radio 1st studio from 3rd to 6th of July. Within the festival on 6th of July a workshop by beatbox star Butterscotch will be organized.


Butterscotch without doubt is a talented multi artist. Her talent reveals not only in ability to manage her voice proffesionally by singing in a genre of beatbox but also playing the guitar, piano or even trumpet at the same time.


She has won several beatbox contests – gained victory in 2005 International World Female Beatbox and 2007 West Coast Beatbox in category for both genders, competing with 18 men.  


Butterscotch actively performs in USA and at the moment is touring around the Europe. Within the tour she hosts the workshops about the art of vocal percussions.


On 6th of July virtuoso beatboxer will host a workshop in Riga, at the Latvian Radio. During the workshop everyone will have a chance to learn and have an insight in the history and development of beatbox. Students will also learn about the theory and world known beatboxers. 


During the workshop Butterscotch will demonstrate different sounds and tembres of vocal percussions and also – tell about the impact of beatbox among other genres and styles of music. Artist will tell about the ability to combine singing with beatbox to form a melodic and harmonic sound.


It is unique opportunity to look inside the process of making the music and also ask the questions which can improve the development of artistic skills.


Festival „Rigas Ritmi 2013” this summer all together offers 5 workshops which are hosted by festival artists – Robert Glasper, Ori Dakari, John Medeski, Butterscotch and Andreas Varady.




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