Making of “Pat Metheny Unity Group’s” CD “KIN (←→)”!

Inserted: 07.03.2014

Making of “Pat Metheny Unity Group’s” CD “KIN (←→)”!

The new “Pat Metheny Unity Group’s” CD “KIN (←→)” has just been released – a music album that bares an interesting and deep name!


The music album name itself foreshadows that the “Pat Metheny Unity Group” with its 20 “Grammy” Award winner frontman return to roots and aim to research the new and traditional, yet at the same time – long forgotten and unfamiliar. Music experts have already said that “there is a lot to be celebrated about this album” ( The design of the album, displayed at the “Azart Gallery” in New York, also resembles the name of the album – it portrays many faces. The author of the album cover is photographer Stephen Doyle.


Pat Metheny just won the Spanish “Oscars” or the “Goya Award” for creating the soundtrack for the feature film “Living is easy with eyes closed” (“Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados”).


A short look into the making of “KIN (←→)”

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