Paris Combo – a meeting of varying cultures

Inserted: 23.05.2016

Paris Combo – a meeting of varying cultures

During the festival „Rigas Ritmi” on June 2 at 10:00 PM Paris Combo will perform at the Music House DAILE.

Paris Combo is a band from France famous with its eclectic world music sound.



The band's membership includes a keyboardist/trumpeter from Australia, a French drummer and bass player, and a French-Algerian guitarist, each of whom contribute whimsical, cosmopolitan images from their own travels. Bandleader-singer Belle du Berry's lyrics are wry metaphors, in which estrangement, loss and desire are experienced in nightclubs under the light of pink lampshades and each carefully posed film-noir frame is wreathed in expensive perfume and cigarette smoke.


They gained popularity already with their first album, however it was the second album – „Living Room” (2000) which brought the recognition world wide, resulting in various tours in USA, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Five albums and two decades spent criss-crossing the globe, playing to enthusiastic audiences from Paris to Sao Paulo and Berlin to Istanbul, have enabled France’s Paris Combo to create a unique cosmopolitan sound, establishing the band as one of the most piquant, intriguing groups on the international music scene.

Belle Du Berry's flitting yet commanding voice lies somewhere between that of Edith Piaf and Anna Purnell. Potzi's guitar playing combines the gypsy styling and swing of Django Reinhardt the warm intonations of Joe Pass and the rhythm of Charlie Christian. Lewis' frequently muted trumpet recalls the swing and sweet bands of the ‘30s and ‘40s. He also doubles on piano which enhances the jazz effect but the diversity of Paris Combo prevents any strict categorization. – Dave Sleger,

Belle du Berry prefers writing songs that can be understood on several different levels at the same time – both to let the listeners come up with any meaning they choose and to let them enjoy the melody, the rhythm and the superficial touch of humour she likes to bring to the lyrics.

Tickets are available at all „Biļešu Paradīze” ticket offices and on the Internet:

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