Rīgas Ritmi 2021 artist: Liudas Mockūnas

Inserted: 06.06.2021

Rīgas Ritmi 2021 artist: Liudas Mockūnas

Both foreign stars and local artists will perform at the festival Rīgas Ritmi 2021. Here’s a quick conversation with the Lithuanian saxophonist Liudas Mockūnas who will perform at the festival on July 3 at 6 PM on the Jersika Records Stage at AB dam together with colleague Arvydas Kazlauskas.
What makes the 2021 Rīgas Ritmi Festival special?
For me the emergence of Jersika Records Stage on Rīgas Ritmi is an important and the most special thing of the festival, because this label is dedicated and supports non commercial music which sometimes could be rare these days when PR becomes more important than music.
What to expect from your performance at the festival?
Raw and spontenious meditation on the spot!
Who would be your dream artist who could perform at the Rīgas Ritmi Festival and why?
I would definitely drive from Vinius to Riga to hear Diamanda Galas, Merzbow, Ottomo Yoshihide, Peter Evans, John Butcher and many other interesting and unorthodox musicians...  
What are your plans for the near future?
To tour, play and record music, camp, swim, fish, play basketball, etc.
A wish to the visitors of the festival and to the lovers of quality live music in general!
Come and hear Jersika Records artists with open ears to maybe not that usual music sounds  that might surprise or inspire...
Tickets for the concerts of the festival Rīgas Ritmi 2021 can be purchased at aula.lv.

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