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Workshop by virtuoso drummer JOJO MAYER on April 26th at Riga Congress Center !


Drummer Jojo Mayer is known for his creative and innovative drum play, which makes him one of the best solo drummers in the world. He is regarded as one of the most advanced drum set players in the world. He displays a ton of finesse and control whenever he sits behind a kit.


Jojo Mayer has gained wide recognition through his creative musical and communication style. Workshops by the name of drum clinic bring together hundreds of attendants and young musicians all over the world.


During the workshop there will be a great chance to meet Jojo Mayer and have a closer look on his manner of playing. It is an opportunity to learn more about the specific drum playing technique and different styles which Jojo Mayer combines to attain the unique musical rhythm.


Jojo Mayer says he will try to open up a “space” where he can interact with the attendants and give them an insight to his approach concerning music and drumming. It is important to encourage attendants to be proactive and ask questions. The communication will create the atmosphere of the experience of learning, which, in Jojo’s opinion, is the essence of workshop!


Time and place: April 26, 11:00 – 13:00, Rīga Congress Center,, Kr.Valdemāra Street 5, Riga

Applications: deadline April 19, have to be sent to with an e-mail subject „Jojo Mayer workshop


Insight of Jojo Mayer’s drum play:


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