Italian sensuality and the passion of Big band in a joint rhythm

Inserted: 29.01.2013



On January 28th in Latvian National Opera Italian vocalist Roberta Gambarini in a joint concert with Latvian Radio big band and Maestro Raimond Pauls offered an absolute enjoyment of jazz classics.


From the first to the last song artists didn’t cease to please the audience. The concert was opened with an excellent performance by Roberta Gambarini, Latvian Radio big band and Maestro Raimonds Pauls, promising the public an unforgettable evening.


Gambarini’s  velvety voice created a complete euphoria and amazingly sensual music world, then suddenly soaring to pure crystalline soprano.


It seemed like Gambarini and Big band joined in a harmonious dialogue in language without borders. In language called jazz. Playful and virtuosic Gambarini’s scat resonated with Big band’s performance, - accompaniment picked up her every breath with juicy bursts of chords.


„Magnificent Latvian Radio Big Band!” – Roberta Gambarini


An opinion from the audience: „This concert was like a ray of warm sunshine on a bleak winter’s day. Artists was brilliant and it was very inspiring. Roberta, Raimonds Pauls and Latvian Radio bigband created a desire to be in tune with them.”

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