Tickets to the “Rigas Ritmi 2022” music festival are available at the

The tickets will be available before concerts on the spot from 6pm (Riga Dome garden) from June 30 and July 1.


Tickets are in 3 price categories:

•  36.00 EUR - seat

•  46.00 EUR - seat

•  38.50 EUR - table ticket ( 4 persons)

Seats plan - here

For preschool-age children who do not occupy a separate seating position, the entrance to concerts is free (up to and including 6 years old).


The concerts at Riga Dome garden will take place outside. In case of rainy weather bringing in umbrellas will be forbidden, please provide raincoats in time.

Raincoats will be available for purchasing at the concert venue (in limited quantity).


At the Riga Dome garden there will be option to purchase snacks and soft drinks at outdoor café provided by Kaļķu Vārti restaurant.


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